Quo Vadis EU gas market regulatory framework – Study on a Gas Market Design for EuropeUploaded: 1 of March, 2018

The Quo Vadis study evaluates the functioning of the European Union's internal gas market under the Third Package rules from a forward-looking perspective. On that basis it sets out and assesses alternative regulatory measures proposed to generate long-term benefits to consumers and EU market players. The quantitative welfare analyses of the regulatory scenarios are carried out by REKK’s European Gas Market Model (EGMM). This entailed the assessment of the wholesale price and welfare changes implied by the implementation of the regulatory scenarios on 2020 reference market conditions and on five sensitivity market cases: (1) high demand, (2) LNG glut, (3) high oil price – LNG short and (4-5) two versions of Nord Stream 2 project implementation.

Available at the website of the European Commission.