Cost estimation for achieving the renewable target in 2030Uploaded: 27 of February, 2019

The focus of the study is renewable energy based power sources in Hungary. First, we estimate the potential of the different technologies, then we calculate the costs associated with exploiting these potentials. We center our study around innovative technologies, we neither analyse residential firewood usage nor renewable based heating energy except for solar panels, heat pumps and district heating.
Our aim is to provide support for the Hungarian government to set a renewable target for 2030 which is achievable with realistic associated costs. For this reason, we present an aggregated cost curve of renewables for 2030. This curve shows the need for support in order to increase renewable energy use for all the investigated technologies. We only estimate the cost of reaching the aggregated renewable target values and do not consider the renewable based transportation targets separately. However, our work provides several guidelines associated with green transportation too.