Barriers to entry in EU Retail energy marketsUploaded: 1 of March, 2019

The consortium of REKK, VaasaETT, MRC and The Advisory House contracted by the European Commission conducted a Europe-wide research project to analyse barriers to entry in retail energy markets. The project assessed the challenges facing suppliers and other retail market competitors in 30 European electricity and gas markets. All 28 Member States plus Switzerland and Norway, are be covered.
The project draw on carefully crafted and extensive interviews and questionnaries with an extensive array of stakeholders in every market to get to the routes of the the most significant hurdles. A comprehensive literature review, workshops and webinars have also been conducted.
The project enables a comparative view of how easy it is to enter and compete in and across retail energy markets in Europe. Specifically, it results in Country Handbooks to assist entrants and policy makers alike.
The studies and handbooks are available on the Commission's website.