The possibilities of phasing out Russian gas in the Danube RegionUploaded: 23 of November, 2022

In the framework of this project, the short and long-term potential of the reduction of Russian gas dependency of the Danube Region as a whole and of individual countries has been analyzed. Draft results have been discussed with experts of international think tanks at the EUSEW online workshop on 19 September 2022.

The study investigates the Russian gas dependency of the Danube Region (DR) and the potential to reduce this dependency in the short term (next winter 2022/23) and on the longer term (2030). The first part (Chapter 2) is a comparative analysis of the countries based on supply and demand side indicators to set the scene and provide a baseline for the study. The fact sheets summarizing each indicator for each DR country are annexed to this report (Annex 2). The second part (Chapter 3) investigates the demand reduction potential by sectors using different methods, while Chapter 4 utilizes gas market modeling to assess the supply and demand side measure’s impact on the supply mix and the gas bill of the Danube Region.

The full study is available on this webpage, a reduced file format has been published on the website of the Danube Region Strategy.