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Roadmap for the European electricity market integrationPublished: 1 of December, 2011

Several news portals reported this summer the launch of a project to couple the Czech-Slovakian- Hungarian day-ahead electricity markets. Pursuant to the joint letter of intent signed on 30 May 2011, the Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian Transmission System Operators (CEPS, SEPS, MAVIR), Power Exchanges (OTE, OKTE, HUPX) and National Regulatory Authorities (ERU, URSO, HEO) set out to establish the interconnected day-ahead market by the second quarter of 2012, and, as far as possible, integrate the coupled markets in the Central Western European (CWE) region in the same year. The following paper endeavours to put this project into perspective in the European integration processes by presenting the institutional framework, the means and planned roadmap for interconnecting the European markets