Education / Energy Economics Course
Energy market economist sixth year1 of September, 2015 - 29 of June, 2016

25 students enrolled for the sixth academic year of the course. Nearly three quarter of the students had economic background, the other quarter had engineering or legal background.


COURSESInstructorCreditsNumber of classesSemester
Theoretic primer courses
Microeconomics with Energy Sector ApplicationsAdrienn Selei320I.
Industrial Organization in the Energy SectorAdrienn Selei320I.
Regulation of the Energy SectorPéter Kaderják2*328I-II.
Energy Law and Competition LawZoltán Faludi320I.
Quantitive MethodsAndrás Sugár2*340I-II.
Accounting & Controlling with Energy Sector ApplicationsSándor Sorossy320I.
Corporate Finance in the energy sectorAndrás Mezősi314I.
Economics of Electricity MarketsLajos Kerekes2*328I-II.
Economics of the Natural Gas IndustryBorbála Takácsné Tóth2*328I-II.
Economics of the Renewable Energy and District HeatingLászló Szabó314II.
Environmental PolicyMária Bartek-Lesi314II.
Energy PolicyPéter Kaderják320II.
Comprehensive exams:3