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Building Capacities for Energy Sector Reform in Ukraine10 of December, 2015

What is the goal of the project?

This project is designed to facilitate the sharing of Slovak energy sector reform experiences with Ukrainian partners, focusing on improving energy efficiency and the use of renewables, but also on implementing the associated EU legislation and programs, transposing them into national legislation and incorporating it into policies and learning from best practice and successful projects.

It aims at

– training Ukrainian governmental officials responsible for implementing the section of the Association Agreement that deals with harmonizing national legislation with the EU energy acquis, particularly energy efficiency and the use of renewables. The training included lessons learnt from transposing EU legislation into the national legislations of Visegrad countries.

– training Ukrainian municipal leaders on EU legislation and programs, Slovak and Czech national legislation and policy to improve energy efficiency at the municipal level. This included lessons learned from projects successfully implemented at the municipal level in Slovakia and best practices

– raising public awareness and enhance public knowledge in Ukraine of EU policies on energy efficiency and the use of renewables, with reference to the experiences of Visegrad Four countries.

We organized

1. Four training sessions in Kyiv for Ukrainian government officials

National experts from V4 countries delivered presentations on V4 experiences of energy efficiency. Each V4 expert held a one-day seminar on his/her country’s experience of implementing the EU legislation, developing national policies and programs for energy efficiency and the use of renewables.


2. Five-day training session in the Czech Republic for 20 Ukrainian municipal leaders

Seminar involving Czech and Slovak experts

An overview of EU and Czech policies, programs by the European Association of Energy Cities, Covenant of Mayors, Action Plans for sustainable energy in towns and municipalities, innovative financing schemes implemented in Czech cities and regions, the latest approaches to improving the energy efficiency of buildings, regional and municipal energy management systems – multilevel EM systems, improving public awareness of energy efficiency and forging links between municipalities and local inhabitants.

Further information at the SFPA website

Field trips to successful projects mainly relating to municipalities with central heating systems, the modernization of public lighting and the insulation of buildings.

3. Regional high-level event for municipalities, experts and the general public

The aim of this high-level event was to share V4 country experiences of energy efficiency and the use of renewables with the Ukraine energy community, regional and municipal administrations, businesses, NGOs and the media. The one-day event consisted of three main panels (panel 1: V4 national and regional government officials; panel 2: V4 experts, and panel 3: Ukrainian experts). The event was opened to the general public.

Further information at the SFPA website

4. A book on V4 experience of energy efficiency (in Ukrainian and English)

The aim of the publication is to share V4 experiences with the energy community in Ukraine. It will be authored by the V4 experts conducting the training modules.