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Principles of natural gas regulation 201812-16 of November, 2018
Location: Lion's Garden Hotel, 1146 Budapest, Cházár András u. 4.

The aim of the course is to provide a thorough introduction of reorganizing of the gas markets, the important elements of the market supply chain, the tendencies on the market, and the security of supply. The main topics covered are the following:

  • General introduction of the supply chain, (technical, organizational, sectoral aspects)
  • The role of natural gas in the energy mix, development of the European gas market, strategies
  • Regulatory questions:
    • role of TSO and DSO
    • Gas storage and LNG
    • Price regulation and cross boarder problems
    • New infrastructure
    • Market organizing and liberalization
    • Security of supply
    • Monitoring
    • Consumer protection

Detailed course programme