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Experiences gained from the European Commission's revision of the TEN-E regulation3 of November, 2020 - REKK Market Monitoring Club
Location: Online

The Trans-European Networks – Energy (TEN-E) Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 347/2013) aims at fostering the development of cross-border energy infrastructure in Europe. Since 2013 four lists of projects of common interest (PCI) have been published, with more than 200 infrastructure projects, which were regarded key for completing the internal energy market, both in the fields of electricity and natural gas.

REKK was part of a consortium that carried out a revision of the TEN-E regulation, with a special focus on the question whether the PCI project could be realised, how effectively they contribute to the aims of the TEN-E regulation, and whether there is a need for modifying the regulation. The revision process included a set of stakeholder interviews with representatives of TSOs, DSOs, regulators and NGOs. The aim of the Market Monitoring Club was to discuss results and experiences gained from the revision.

By invitation only.

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The event was supported by the REKK Foundation.