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Price regulation and tariffs 20135-8 of March, 2013 - Budapest

The course provides a thorough introduction to the methodology of price regulation and tariff setting, the underlying economic theories, and also to the practical issues and solutions. The main topics are:

  • Financial analysis, one of the basic inputs of tariff development and control; the method of determining the revenue requirement of regulated energy companies.
  • The basic normative approaches and methods of tariff design.
  • Classification of observable consumption patterns and corresponding consumer tariffs; the rationale behind the regulation of prices through which access to transmission grids can be obtained by the participants of the competitive market.
  • Comparison of the practical policies of rate-of-return and incentive regulation under different industry conditions; objectives involved in the process of designing a practical regulatory policy.
  • Social impacts of energy policy decisions.

50 regulators and industry experts attended to the course, mainly from Eastern Europe, CIS countries and the Middle East.

Detailed course programme