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V. Summer school: introduction to energy regulation 200723-27 of July, 2007 - Budapest

This 5-day training course will be organised into thematic modules focusing on the hottest issues of energy sector regulation. The training program combines “classic” regulation under the traditional vertically integrated industry structure with up-to-date issues of regulation in developing a competitive industry environment. The prime objective of the course is to provide basic technical, economic and legal regulatory skills that are needed to design and manage successful regulatory systems for the energy industry.

Content of the course:

  • Role and Functions of the Regulator
  • Regulatory Issues in Emerging Economies
  • Theory and principles of regulation
  • Licensing and Legal Aspects of Regulation
  • Tariff Setting and Price Regulation
  • Calculating the revenue requirement
  • Incentive price regulation
  • Economics of tariff design
  • Service Quality Regulation
  • Restructuring of the Electricity and Gas Industries
  • Wholesale markets and cross border trading
  • Regulation and security of supply
  • Unbundled Networks
  • Regulation & Security of Supply
  • Private Participation in the Energy Sector

52 regulators and industry experts attended to the course, mainly from Eastern Europe, CIS countries and the Middle East.

Detailed course programme