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Principles of natural gas regulation 201422-26 of September, 2014 - Budapest

The aim of the course is to provide a thorough introduction of reorganizing of the gas markets, the important elements of the market supply chain, the tendencies on the market, and the security of supply. The course concludes with a brief survey of the district heating section. The main topics covered are the following:

  • General introduction of the supply chain, (technical, organizational, sectoral aspects)
  • The role of natural gas in EU-energy mix, development of the european gas market, strategies
  • Regulatory questions:
    • role of TSO and DSO
    • Gas storage and LNG
    • Price regulation and cross boarder problems
    • New infrastructure
    • Market organizing and liberalization
    • Security of supply
  • Regulation of district heating: price regulation, vulnerable consumers, EU policy, case studies

29 industry experts attended to the course, mainly from CIS countries and the Middle East.

Detailed course programme