IV. REKK scholarship competition 2009-201022 of February, 2010

REKK has organised its fourth scholarship competition with the support of TÁMOP programme. The competition was open for university students. The following topics were suggested for analysis:

  • Case study of the 2009. January gas crisis
  • Job creating effects of energy efficency programmes
  • Analysis of district heating tariff setting
  • Economically optimal operation of hydropower systems
  • Public or market-based organisation of water utilities based on domestic or international experienes
  • Network prerequisites of wind power integration

4 papers were submitted for the competition. Two first prizes were awarded.


I. prize - Lajos Szabó: Job creating effects of residential energy efficency programmes in the 2000-2008 period

I. prize - Bálint Szőke: Analysing the factors influencing district heating tariff, considering the goals set in the regulation