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Case study report on governance barriers to energy transition - Country report for HUNGARYENABLE research project deliverable (D5.2) - working papersPublished: 10 of October, 2018

The country study was prepared in the frame of the ENABLE.EU research project with the aim to explore national legislative, regulatory and financial bottlenecks to the implementation of low carbon energy systems, focusing on the areas of a) wind, solar and smart grid power networks, b) bioenergy and biofuels, c) energy efficiency and d) the electrification of vehicles. The report investigates the effectiveness of the related institutional framework in terms of political viability and organisational capacity, and provides an assessment of the effectiveness of policy implementation by looking at factors such as the credibility of policy, compatibility or conflicts between policy priorities, transparency and accountability. The study largely relies on the outcome of in-depth interviews conducted with stakeholders in the above-mentioned fields.