Returns of nucler power plant investmentsUploaded: 23 of January, 2014

The agreement concluded by the Russian and Hungarian government on 14.01.2014. concerning the capacity replacement marks the starting point of a project which will redefine the Hungarian electricity market. The replacement project may be the greatest state supported investment of Hungary in the 21st century. Therefore our research group published a series of analyses and tools to help shape the social discussion:

  • The working paper Business models and returns of nuclear power plant investments.
  • we seek the answer for two questions
  • What are the business models utilised by OECD countries planning or currently constructing nuclear power plants to mitigate financial and economic risks during planning, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning?
  • What factors affect the most the financial returns of a nucler power plant investment? What returns can we expect from a project similar to the Hungarian investment, based on international examples?
  • We publish the returns calculation used in the aforementioned study
  • We feel it important to publish the calculation and assumptions of the study to facilitate the public discussion and to allow for the cross-checking and critics of our findings. Anyone with user level excel knowledge may make their own calculation using the tool and modify the assumptions.
  • A short evaluation, which analyses the feasibility of the project based on the information available by 14.01.2014.
  • The Excel model is recreated in an interactive interface