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Regulatory Framework and Implementation CapacityPublished: 1 of July, 2006

The Energy Acquis Communautaire identifies the body of common rights and obligations in the area of energy which is binding for all the Member States of the EU. This broad definition includes rules and policies on:

  • Competition;
  • State aid (including support to the coal sector);
  • The internal energy market (including liberalisation and the development of competition in the electricity and gas markets);
  • Promotion of renewable energy;
  • Energy efficiency; and
  • Security of supply.

Since issues related to the promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency and security of supply are covered in other parts of this study, the analysis here focuses on the regulatory framework with respect to the provisions contained in EC Directives 2003/54/EC, 2003/55/EC and Regulations 1228/2003 and 1775/2005. This chapter also assesses the administrative capacity of the national energy regulatory agencies.