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Before, during or after a model shift? – A review ofthe domestic retail energy marketPublished: 1 of February, 2017

Over the last few years Hungary’s retail gas and electricity markets have been significantly restructured by the state. Competition has been more or less eliminated from the household segment of the gas market and after a little more than a decade the market has come full circle - Hungarian households cannot choose their natural gas supplier. The program announced by the National Energy Strategy in 2011 to acquire direct public ownership of energy utilities has been essentially completed in the gas market. Since October 2016 FŐGÁZ – a gas supplier now under state supervision – has been serving the consumers that had previously been supplied by TIGÁZ. At the end of the year the universal service provider purchased from GDF SUEZ during the summer of 2015 and renamed ENKSZ Észak-Dél Regionális Földgázszolgáltató Zrt. was also merged into FŐGÁZ. Thus, 2017 started with FŐGÁZ becoming the one and only supplier of the universal service market with a sales volume of 3.5 billion m3 (accounting for 45% of the total market).