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Enough room for renewables and nuclear energy? The Impact of renewables on nuclear power plants production and profit in HungaryPublished: 1 of February, 2017

Approved in 2011, Hungary’s National Energy Strategy picked the ideal electricity mix over the next 20 years. The Energy Strategy analysed several power plant scenarios for the period until 2030, and determined that the so-called nuclear-coal-green scenario was the most promising. This scenario includes the construction of a new coal-fired block of 440 MW and two new nuclear blocks in Paks accounting for 1200 MW each, in addition to the 20-year lifetime extension of the existing Paks nuclear power plant blocks. For renewables, the scenario uses the National Energy Utilization Action Plan as a baseline counting with 1.4GW renewable capacity by 2020 and 2.2 GW by 2030. However, one of the latest publications of REKK1 estimates that an additional 2 GW solar – or equivalent renewable – capacity would be needed to complete the 2020 renewable targets. This analysis looks at the impact of the various renewable scenarios on the production and profitability of the existing and planned Paks power plant blocks.