Development and Application of a Methodology to Identify Projects of Energy Community InterestUploaded: 1 of November, 2013

Projects of Energy Community Interest (PECIs) is a label attached to those projects which have the highest positive impact in the largest possible number of Contracting Parties. The assessment of one hundred projects submitted as candidates, and final selection of 35 PECIs was achieved in a collaborative process undertaken by the same Task Force that contributed to the preparation of the Energy Strategy. Chaired by the European Commission, the Task Force was facilitated by the Energy Community Secretariat and benefited from technical assistance of a Consultant sponsored from the Energy Community budget.

PECI candidates in the categories already identified in the Energy Strategy (electricity generation, electricity, gas and oil infrastructure) were submitted by project promoters. In parallel, the Consultant prepared the methodology and assessed each project based on its merits and ranked them in accordance with criteria and weights agreed with the Task Force. PECI candidates were also subject to public consultations in the course of their assessment. Following the adoption of the PECIs list by the 11th Ministerial Council in Oct 2013, the Secretariat published the Consultants' Final Report in Nov 2013.