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Coexistence of nuclear and renewables in the V4 electricity system: Friends or enemies?Energy Policy 2020, Volume 140 - referált cikkek Megjelent: 2020. március 31.

The paper examines the interactions between nuclear and variable renewable generation capacities (vRES) under various assumptions in the broader V4 region. Four exploratory scenarios are analysed with high and low penetration levels of vRES and nuclear applying electricity dispatch and unit commitment models. The assessment quantifies the impacts of the joint evolution of these technologies, measuring the effect on utilisation rates, wholesale prices, market values of vRES, energy not supplied (ENS) and the changing production and trading patterns in the projected 2035 electricity system. The results are indicative of a ‘double competition’ between (i) nuclear and vRES technologies within the merit order and (ii) between the NPPs in the region. If the ambitious V4 nuclear plans are indeed execute, NPPs will compete for limited export opportunities during times of high vRES production periods. Thus, coordination of long term energy policies within the V4 region is critical to manage nuclear and vRES developments and trade patterns with the aim of improving flexibility and security of supply to mitigate the negative economic impact on the electricity system.


  • Realisation of all NPPs in V4 results in strong interaction of nuclear and vRES
  • Policies increasing interconnectivity can improve supply security in the V4
  • Promoting flexible operation of vRES and nuclear can reduce curtailments
  • Regional cooperation reduces negative impacts of national energy planning

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