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Magyarországi földgázszállításra vonatkozó tarifaszabályozásAnalysis

We have prepared an analysis of natural gas transmission tariff regulation in Hungary.

Invoicing the futureREKK analysis of the 10% utility bill cut of January 2013Article

The endeavour of the Government, referenced as the „utility bill cut”, has triggered fierce reactions both in the media and within the sector. With the article we set out to provide a short, unbiased summary of this package of measures and its impacts.

Evaluating the goals of the National Energy Strategy of Hungary after two yearsAnalysis

The goal of this paper is to analyse how the recent developments on the European energy markets and the subsequent EU regulation changed the playing field for and how did this affect the feasibility of the strategic goals of the National Energy Strategy ...

The Danube Region Gas Market ModelAnd its application to identifying natural gas infrastructure priorities for the RegionAnalysis

The paper introduces the Danube Region Gas Market Model, a network and contract constrained multi-country competitive equilibrium model and applies it to estimate the impacts of new gas infrastructure investments on market integration, social welfare and ...

Regional gas market modelling applied to analyse the effect of Polish gas infrastructure investment projects on regional tradeEDI Quarterly 2013 Q4Research paper

The aim of this study is to estimate the impacts of planned Polish gas infrastructure investments on regional gas trade and wholesale gas market prices. We also examine whether the price convergence could lead to the growth of market integration, and ...

Principles of Natural Gas Regulation 2012BudapestEvent

The aim of the course is to provide a thorough introduction of reorganizing of the gas markets, the important elements of the market supply chain, the tendencies on the market, and the security of supply. The course concludes with a brief survey of the ...

Half empty or half full?Developments on the Hungarian natural gas storage marketArticle

A noticeable tendency from the last few years has been the lower and lower capacity utilisation of the Hungarian natural gas storage facilities at the beginning of the withdrawal period. Even though the volume of gas withdrawn from the storage sites to ...

Divergent oil and gas prices: breaking a handcuff or opening the arbitrage of the century?BudapestEvent

László Varró, Head of Gas, Coal and Power Markets Division at International Energy Agency presented a lecture concerning the divergent nature of oil and gas prices. The event was jointly organised by REKK and the CFA Society Hungary.

Analysing the Hungarian gas storage marketAnalysis

We have analysed the CEE region's storage market potential and effects of pricing on Hungarian storage demand using REKK's Danube Region Gas Market Model.

Estimating the welfare impacts of transmission investments by modelling regional gas and electricity marketsCIEP Workshop Modelling CBA of Infrastructure Investment, The HagueEvent

Péter Kaderják presented the Danube Region Gas Market Model (DRGMM) and the European Electricity Market Model (EEMM). Using these modelling tools, a list of gas infrastructure priority projects for the Danube Region and a list of electricity transmission ...