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How will LNG supply to Europe shape the European wholesale gas prices and flows by 2025?Research paper

REKK has carried out a modelling based analysis to assess how different future scenarios of the global gas market supply and demand patterns can affect the wholesale gas price levels and infrastructure utilization in Europe by 2025. The analysis was part ...

Where are we with developing entry-exit tariffs that stimulate cross-border natural gas trade?Event

Energy Community's Gas Forum was held the 12th time this September, in Ljubljana. The presentation of REKK about CESEC region was held in the section dedicated to transmission tariffs. Tariff developments of the last 2-3 years were presented, and tariffs ...

XV. Summer school: introduction to energy regulation 2017Event

This 5-day training course was organised into thematic modules focusing on the hottest issues of energy sector regulation. The training program combines “classic” regulation under the traditional vertically integrated industry structure with up-to-date ...

Risks and opportunities in the Danube Region’s natural gas sectorEvent

Péter KAderják's presentation at the DRS PA2 Stakeholder meeting.

Effects of Nord Stream 2 and the European annual capacity bookingsEvent

Presentation by Borbála Takácsné Tóth on GasCon Conference.

Relationships among oil price, wholesale and end-user gas pricesMagyar Energetika 2017/2Research paper

The European Commission's proposed regulatory package of November 2016 revitalised the Hungarian goverment's rhetorics of "defending the utility bill cuts, " and the debate about the financing of these cuts. This article reviews how the Hungarian gas price ...

Introduction to REKK gas market modellingDoha, QatarEvent

Peter Kotek as a member of the Hungarian delegation to Qatar presented the gas modelling activities of REKK to the analyst team of GECF. The goal of the meeting was to exchange experiences in modelling. GECF announcement on the meeting

The Impact Of The Construction Of The Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline On Gas Prices And CompetitionCompetition and Regulation 2016Research paper

The paper analyses the effects of Nord Stream 2 on the wholesale natural gas prices of European countries and the European gas market competition. We also assess the effect of this new infrastructure on the planned PCI projects of Central and Eastern ...

The effects of constructing Nord Stream 2 on the European natural gas prices and competitionCompetition and Regulation conference, BudapestEvent

Peter Kotek presented REKK's findings on the expansion of Nord Stream. Based on our modelling results, Nord Stream expansion and the subsequent rerouting of long-term contracts and modification of delivery points would crowd out spot gas and increase ...

Market modelling of Nord Stream 2Different perspectives on Nord Stream II, BrusselsEvent

Borbála Takácsné Tóth presented REKK's findings on Nord Stream 2 at Bruegel's conference. Video and audio recordings are available at Bruegel's website.